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Porcelain Catchall Bowls


  • Porcelain Catchall Bowl #2 is nice and wide, with a somewhat shallow depth. The inner contours of this bowl are extremely pleasant to look at. I found myself staring into the bottom, as the sun cut through my window. I believe Porcelain Catchall Bowl #2 will be a nice addition to your kitchen or office.

    1.75"H / 3.75"W

    ships out within 7 days
    edition of 1 

      $15 USD or more 


  • Porcelain Catchall Bowl #4 is the weird one in the bunch. Towards the lip of one side, it took on a strange oblong bend, giving this form the suggestion of egginess. If I had to keep one, this would be my favorite. It's deep enough to contain a small cup of tea or perhaps hold your keys.

    2.5"H / 3.25"W

    ships out within 7 days
    edition of 1 

      $15 USD or more 


  • Porcelain Catchall Bowl #5 observably features perfect proportions. The height, the rim, the thickness of the walls. Everything seemed to align to create this vessel.

    Then I ran the numbers: 2"H / 4"W

    Its true: this one is perfection both in idea but also execution. It only took like 12 attempts.

    ships out within 7 days
    edition of 1 

      $20 USD or more 


  • Porcelain Catchall Bowl #3

    Porcelain Catchall Bowl #3 features a strange artifact that occurred in the kiln, while firing. It appears to be a deep blue tear drop shape and only in one spot. It adds a very special quality to this Catchall Bowl.

    1.5"H / 4.25"W

    Sold Out

  • Porcelain Catchall Bowl #1

    Not too fat, not too tall. Porcelain Catchall Bowl #1 is just right. I kept one of equal proportion for myself, currently it holds the trimmings from my basil plant. The very same basil plant I use to create the lemongrass / basil products in the shoppe. Needless to say, I've tested the function: it's great for your desk.

    1.5"H / 3.75"W

    Sold Out


100% Nara Porcelain with clear glaze - Hand thrown by Morris

Each vessel is food safe and ready to catch whatever you throw at it.

No two are the same, please read the description for dimensions and more information about each Catchall.

I threw these while listening to the latest AceMoMa album. Very inspirational piece of music. No matter what you use them for, I hope you enjoy these bowls.


released June 30, 2021




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